Facebook takes back the control of the sharebox (API v2.9, UI.feed)

April 2017, Facebook makes a giant changes in their API. This is no longer possible for people to customise the content of the sharebox when clicking on a “Share” button.

For instance, this is what a custom sharebox looked like :

As you can see, we could customise the title and the description of the link with “I got 3 or 3 right“. Since April 2017, it’s not possible anymore. Here is the new way we can customise your Facebook sharebox :

In July 2017, every single website in the whole world must use this new way. The old way will be disabled for everybody.

Is it very serious?

In our opinion, not really. People will be used to see this new behaviour in the next few weeks. It’s just a matter of time, once the old way to share will totally disappear.

What about WP Viral Quiz ?

If you have just downloaded WP Viral Quiz now (after 10th of April), you must use the new sharebox. You can’t use the old one anymore.

If you have downloaded WP Viral Quiz before the 10th of April, you can keep the old sharebox until July 2017. We will push an update on July to let you use the new sharebox.

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