Welcome to WP Viral Quiz v3: “The Great Reboot”

It’s been 2 years already since the release of WP Viral Quiz ! Thank you so much to our 7000+ users all around the world.

This is great news: a new major version just came out ! The plugin has been revised from top to bottom : discover what’s new and learn more about the change on our website.

Why a “Great Reeboot”?

I’ll be totally blunt with you.

When I created the plugin in 2015, it was actually my first ‘‘real’’  WordPress plugin. I was focused on the new features and on user experience, I sometimes forgot to take time to make the good technical choices.

2 years later, it turned out to be impossible to maintain or improve this plugin. Adding new features was a real chore. Some of you noticed that the pace of updates slowed significantly.

So in August 2017, I decided to rewrite the code starting from… scratch. This time, I’ve chosen efficient technologies, and I’ll offer you great updates in the future.

What’s new in this v3

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Here is a first indicative list of the new features :

  • A new quiz creation interface that does not restrict the number of questions (as opposed to the v2…)
  • A 1000x performance increase. The plugin will work on high traffic websites, without slowing your page loading.
  • Fine-tuning for each quiz, instead of general settings
  • Possibility to customize form fields at the end of each quiz.
  • Efficient and complete user-tracking.
  • A version designed for rock-solid stability (no more bugs using “refresh” or caching plugins).
  • A uniquely clear code, which will help me to publish updates on a regular basis, with REAL new features that you were all expecting.
  • Those familiar with the plugin will notice further fine-tuning improvements.

Great features, highly anticipated on public roadmap, will be published in the next weeks.

This version is incompatible with the previous one !

Starting from scratch and recoding correctly the plugin forced me to make hard choices : this v3 is incompatible with all the quizzes created before.

Don’t worry : there is no problem in using the two versions of the plugin simultaneously. But going forward, don’t use the v2 anymore and progressively move to the v3.

When you’re updating the plugin on your website, the v3 does not replace the v2. Both plugins are installed at the same time.

I’m working very hard on an automated migration system, but it is extremely challenging in technical terms.

In case you need assistance to update the plugin

When Apple releases an iOS update, tons of bugs arise during the first days. If Apple hasn’t found the magic formula yet, you can easily imagine that a dude sitting on his couch coding a plugin hasn’t find it either.

This new v3 is going to be great, but there will be some minor problems in the first days. Please report problems to the support team. The brilliant Alex and I are ready to help you. We’ll pay close attention to all your emails in the coming weeks.

Thank you very much for your support !

How to update ?

For now, just ask us (by e-mail) the last version file. In a few days, it will be available on CodeCanyon !

Don’t remove the old version of WPVQ if you want to keep your old quiz. Just install the new version like a brand new plugin.