5 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2020

Create an online quiz is easy. But if you want to create SUPER online quiz, you’ll need a SUPER plugin. But which one is the right one? This is the question. After 3 years spent studying the subject, here is my 5 Best WordPress Plugins selection. I’ll grade each of them on 5 criterions:

  • The user experience (UX): the convenience and ease-of-use of users.
  • The user interface (UI): the quality of the user interface.
  • Quiz functionalities
  • Marketing’s functionalities: the capability to increase your audience.
  • The price.

Good reading!

1. WP Viral Quiz

This is the plugin we are working on at, so we’ll try to be as impartial as we can. About the user interface and the user experience, we pulled out all the stops! The plugin stands out for its simplicity, and offers a modern interface contrary to the others.

Regarding the functionality, the plugin allows you to create different kind of quizzes: knowledge quizzes (Trivia Quiz) and personality quizzes for example. And more will come later.

Moreover, the plugin is the best thanks to his marketing functionalities. You can easily insert adds, refresh your pages (to increase the number of page views), connect your autoresponder tool, or push users to share your website on Facebook. The plugin has been specifically conceived for professionals.

About the price, it only costs $25.

2. mTouch Quiz

mTouch is one of the first quiz plugin available in the WordPress repository. It is free, but if you want to add features, you’ll have to pay for a premium account.

About the interface, the back office as well as the front office are cleary outdated, and it’s too bad because it really has interesting functionalities. It is possible to create timed quizzes, or to customize the plugin colors via the administration platform.

Regarding the marketing aspect, nothing is being done. For example, it is not possible to connect an autoresponder, as well as you can’t insert adds or push users to share on Facebook.

About the price, it’s $0. And features you add will cost you between $20 and $30.

3. Wp Pro Quiz

It’s an great plugin, maybe a bit old-fashioned. Regarding its functionalities, the plugin is really exhaustive! It allows you to create academic quizzes in order to test readers’ skills for example.

It is also possible to ask open questions, to sort the answers. About the interface, it’s disappointing, but it works correctly.

About the marketing, not much to say. The pluging doesn’t have any advanced feature. It’s just focused on the practical and educational aspect.

The plugin is completly free, with no premium functionalities.

4. Easy Quiz

Easy Quiz is an interesting alternative. It is based on the quiz’ interface that the BBC publish each week (more info). One of the great advantage of this plugin is the fact that it doesn’t stock any information on your server, which means two things:

  1. It is extremly lightweight for your website.
  2. You can’t save answers’ users.

About its functionalities, it’s basic but efficient. About the marketing, the plugin is clearly not adapted to this.

And for the price, it is another free plugin.

5. WordPress Quiz Plugin

WordPress Quiz is one of the best premium quiz plugin. About its functionalities, it doesn’t have anything to envy to others. As well, it is possible to customize quizzes interface, or to sort the questions.

It’s on the interface that the plugin makes the difference. Quizzes appear on nice coloured frameworks, much more modern than the previous free plugins.

About the marketing: the plugin got share buttons for social media, but also buttons to save users’ email to send them an email. And that’s all for the moment.

The plugin cost $19 on CodeCanyon.

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