Configure the Facebook Share Button

To activate the Facebook Share Button on WP Viral Quiz, you have to create your own Facebook APP. Don’t panic, it’s very easy ! It take 2 minutes.

1. Go on your Personal Facebook Account.

Yup, first step is easy. Go on and log in to your personal account.

2. Go on the Facebook Developper Website

Just click here to go on the Facebook Dev Site :

3. Click on « Create a new app »

If they ask what kind of app, choose “website” :


If they ask you for a “product”, just ignore this step.

4. Configure the app

Go to Settings => Basic, and fill the fields with the red arrow, they are very important.

Be careful : if you go to your website using “”, don’t forget the “www” when configuring your Facebook App. It’s important. If you go to your website using “” (without www before), don’t write “www” onto the fields.

NEW : In the “Privacy Policy URL“, put your website homepage URL :

Then scroll down, and add a “new plateform” like on this video :


5. Make the app public

It doesn’t mean anything in your case, but you have to make the app public. Go to the “App review” tab, and make the app public (you don’t care about the category, you can put “business”) :

6. Copy your App’s ID

Go back to step 3, and find your APP ID, in the red square. Copy this ID, and paste it to WP Viral Quiz’s settings page (“Sharing” section) :

Save, and wait few minutes. Facebook sharing works now ! 😀

Facebook button doesn’t work after this tutorial ? Click here !