How to configure Mailchimp Synchronisation ?

By enabling the setting called “Ask information at the end of the quiz”, you can ask people their first name + email. And even better : you can automatically sync your players’ database with your Mailchimp account.

Follow these steps if you want to add each players to your Mailchimp account.

1. Enable the Mailchimp Sync (individual quiz settings)

2. Generate a Mailchimp API Key from your Mailchimp accont

Go to « Account => Extras => API Keys » (or click here :, then create a new API key :


3. Create a list, then find the related listId


The listId looks like « 44339479e1 » for example, or something similar.

4. (Optional) Create a firstname field and a result field

If you want to ask the name of your players, you can. Create a field on your list, then choose a field tag (for instance FNAME for the first name).

If you want to store the quiz’s result on each Mailchimp user’s profile, just create a field called “RESULT“. It will be filled automatically.


If you don’t want to save the neither the first name or the result, don’t create any new fields on your list. Then on the next step, let the 2 fields « Firstname field name » and « Result field name » empty. They will be ignored.

5. Go back to your quiz, then configure it

Now, each time a guy plays your quiz and fill the final form, his info will be saved into your Mailchimp account. 🙂

If it doesn’t work, please click here : MAILCHIMP SYNC DOESN’T WORK.

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