How to enable Aweber Synchronisation ?

By enabling the setting called “Ask information at the end of the quiz”, you can ask people their first name + email. And even better : you can automatically sync your players’ database with your Aweber account.

Follow these steps if you want to add each players to your Aweber account.

1. Enable the Aweber Sync (individual quiz settings)

2. Follow the 3 steps on the settings area

To grant an access to your Aweber account, WP Viral Quiz needs your auth code. Follow the 3 steps in the Aweber Settings area.

3. Find your Aweber’s List ID

On your Aweber account, select the list you want to use then go to « List Options » => « List Settings ».


4. Create additional fields (for data or result)

If you want to save the result of each player in your Aweber Account, you can create a custom field on Aweber and configure WP Viral Quiz to save the result into this field.

On your Aweber Account, go to « List options » => « Custom Fields » then add a new field called, for instance, « RESULT ». It will be fill with the quiz result automatically.



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