How to translate the plugin ?

WP Viral Quiz is now available in 10+ languages, but maybe not yours. Good new : you can help me to translate the plugin ! At least partially ,if you do not have enough time.

1. Install Loco Translate (free plugin)

We’ll use it to translate WP Viral Quiz easily. If you don’t want to use Loco Translate but a real translation software (like PoEdit), you can. Check on Google for tutorial.


2. Go into Loco Translate main page…

… and click on « + new language » on the WP Viral Quiz row.


3. Select your language

And check “create in global languages directory”, it’s very important ! Then click on “start translating”.


4. Translate each sentence !

Your job begins here. Good luck ! Protip : use the shortcut « ctrl + enter » to move the cursor to the next sentence when you have finished a line.Screen-Shot-2015-04-25-at-20.46.10

5. Click on « save » when you’ve finished.

Save, go back in your blog, refresh a page and it should work. If not :

  • Be sure your blog is configured in the right language (ie your backoffice is in your language, and not in english for instance) ;
  • Clean your browser cache.

6. Send me your translation, because you rock !

You can send me your translation files to help others people when you’ve finished. Just click on « PO » and « MO » buttons and send me the 2 files generated by the plugin.

You can send me files by e-mail : THANKS A LOT !


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