I want to customise my quiz!

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To add a custom CSS rules, go to my plugin settings page, then go to the “under the hood” subsection, then you will find a “custom css area” where you can put some CSS code.

1. I want to center my quiz on my page

Add this CSS rule :
.wpvqgr { margin:0 auto !important; }

2. I want to change the font of my quiz

Add this CSS rule, and replace “your-font” with the right font name :
.wpvqgr { font-family:"your-font"; }

3. I want to change the font size of my quiz

Add this CSS rule, and replace “12” with another font-size :
.wpvqgr { font-size:12px; }

4. I want to customise some sentences, like the final one or around the final form

The answer you need is here.

5. I want to change the color of some elements :

You can change the color of :

  • Progress bars
  • Continue button
  • Start button
  • All buttons

using this setting, at the bottom of the quiz building page :


If it doesn’t solve your issue, feel free to send me a message using the form below (learn how to find your envato purchase code)